Oqtane Partnership

Devessence has been named as the official consulting partner for the Oqtane Framework - an open source and cross-platform CMS and application framework for building modern digital experiences on .NET. Oqtane is pioneering the use of Blazor and .NET MAUI, revolutionary new development frameworks from Microsoft that let you build interactive web UI using C# instead of JavaScript.

Who Are We?

Devessence is a global software consultancy which takes a boutique approach to client engagement. We believe that successful outcomes are only possible with a complete understanding of a client's business goals, combined with expert software craftsmanship and a pragmatic governance model.
Devessence - The Essence of Software Development

Depth of Talent

A global technology company with over a hundred highly skilled software engineers and technical resources... a talented team that pushes the limits to deliver amazing results.

Global Footprint

An ever expanding global footprint of studios and partnerships which are strategically located to enable us to serve the diverse needs of our clients. Business has no boundaries, so we choose to work with the best talent wherever they are located in the world.

Technical Expertise

Our teams are fluent in a wide range of Microsoft tools and technologies. From legacy to cutting edge, we are well versed and have deep expertise in the platforms which drive your business.


From high tech startups to Fortune 500 companies, our teams have partnered with organizations of all sizes to deliver results. We can customize our approach and allocation to satisfy your business requirements.

Software Engineers

Our Software Architects are responsible for planning and organizing a software product. They are technology experts and can suggest optimal tools and approaches for custom software development. They also help translate ideas into technical tasks and distribute them to the development team.

Our Tech Leads are in charge of the overall performance, motivation, and organization of the development team. They make sure team members work well together and do not have any blockers which would prevent them from delivering a viable solution.

Our Software Engineers do the heavy lifting of creating a functional software product. Depending on the needs of the client and the size of the project, development teams may be comprised of junior, mid-level, or senior software engineers.

Software Architects, Tech Leads, Software Engineers

UI/UX Designers

Our UI/UX Designers main responsibility is ensuring a smooth and intuitive user experience for the software product. Their role is to imagine themselves as the end-user interacting with the software product and to strive to make the product easy to use. They focus on all aspects of the user experience, including usability, functionality and performance. They also focus on the visual aspects of the product, specifically how it looks and feels to the end user.

UX/UI Designers utilize business requirements to develop wireframes and mockups which ultimately become the foundation for the user experience. They’re a key part of any software development team as they are the ones who champion the needs of the end user.

UI/UX Designers


Our Product Managers are fully responsible for the vision of the product. They document requirements and define the digital strategy for meeting the client’s needs. They are involved in all stages of the software development cycle and can adapt in real time to any changes or constraints. They fully understand the business domain and can leverage the latest trends to construct the optimal product-market fit.

Our Project Managers are in charge of the development, organization, and delivery of a software product. They break the work down into discreet parts and design the workflow. They distribute tasks amongst the team and are responsible for contracts, budgets and timeframes. They are adept at mitigating risks and managing unforeseen circumstances or delays, and ensure things run to plan. Without Project Managers, there would be no plan or structure to deliver the work.

Our Scrum Masters ensure the team follows standard Agile methodologies and frameworks. Agile is a project management mindset that focuses on constant collaboration and value creation. It has evolved over time as an industry best practice for ensuring the successful delivery of digital solutions.

Product Managers, Project Managers, Scrum Masters

Quality Assurance

Our QA Leads are in charge of the overall quality of a software product. Their responsibilities include estimating, planning, and coordinating testing activities. Our QA Leads will also ensure that quality issues and defects are appropriately identified, documented, tracked, and resolved.

Our QA Engineers are specialists whose activities are aimed to improve the software development process by detecting issues, documenting their behavior, ensuring timely remediation, and advocating for strategies and methods for long term prevention. In other words, they make sure the software development team is doing the right things the right way. Quality assurance is a huge domain containing multiple disciplines, and our QA Engineers are skilled in both manual and automated testing methodologies.

QA Leads, QA Engineers


We focus on delivering successful business outcomes

Product Development

Our team of experienced managers, designers and engineers work collaboratively with clients to create custom digital solutions and experiences tailored to their specific needs.

Open Source

Our team maintains and contributes to large scale open source projects which provide tremendous value and innovation to the .NET ecosystem.

JavaScript Frameworks & APIs

Our developers are skilled with industry leading JavaScript frameworks such as Angular, React, and Vue which can interact with secure and scalable APIs built on Node.js or ASP.NET.

Syncfusion Integration

Syncfusion provides a professional UI Component suite for building powerful web, desktop, and mobile applications. Devessence leverages these UI components to create visually appealing and responsive software products.

Tools & Technology

We are fluent in a wide range of modern technologies

.NET Core
.NET Framework
Entity Framework Core
Microsoft Azure
Amazon Web Services (AWS)
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Our Story

The culmination of a 3 decade career in enterprise software development

Shaun Walker

Devessence is a global consortium founded by Shaun Walker, a serial entrepreneur and respected technical leader in the .NET ecosystem with 30+ years professional experience in architecting and implementing enterprise software solutions for private and public organizations.

Shaun is the original creator of Oqtane and DotNetNuke, web application frameworks which have earned the recognition of being amongst the most pioneering and widely adopted Open Source projects native to the Microsoft platform. Based on his significant community contributions he has been recognized as a Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP) for over 15 years, and is currently the Chair of the Project Committee for the .NET Foundation. He has successfully raised multiple rounds of venture capital from top-tier Silicon Valley firms, and was also recognized in 2011 as a leading entrepreneur in the BIV Forty Under 40 business awards.

Prior to founding Devessence, Shaun served as the CTO of a $200mm/yr Professional Services portfolio for Cognizant... a multinational information technology services and consulting company that trades under the name CTSH on the NASDAQ-100.

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