Why Migrate?

Migration from DotNetNuke is a strategic decision to mitigate risks and strengthen your digital business. Why should you take this leap?

Security Vulnerabilities

As with many legacy platforms, DNN has had many confirmed security vulnerabilities, many of which have the potential to jeopardize your business and compromise your sensitive data. Migrating allows you to transition to a platform with robust security features, ensuring a safer online environment for both you and your users.

Third-Party Dependencies

Many users use third-party extensions and service providers to enhance the functionality of the application. Such a reliance can pose challenges, especially when they become outdated or incompatible. A migration offers an opportunity to transition to a platform with more extensive, flexible, and up-to-date functionality, reducing dependency and security risks.

Outdated Features

Unfortunately, DNN might struggle to keep pace with the latest features and innovations as technology evolves. Migration allows you to break free from outdated structures, ensuring your website remains equipped with cutting-edge features and customizable enough to meet evolving user expectations.

Limited Flexibility and Customization

You may be unable to adapt your website to meet specific business and market needs because of DNN's limitations in flexibility and customization. Migrating opens the door to platforms that offer greater adaptability, allowing your site to evolve with your changing requirements.

Performance Concerns

Performance issues are common in legacy systems, and DNN is no exception. Performance issues are difficult to diagnose and can significant impact the speed and responsiveness of your website. A migration allows you to optimize performance, ensuring a faster and smoother user experience.

Limited Integration Capabilities

DNN's integration capabilities may fall short if you need to connect to new tools and technologies. Migration allows you to explore platforms with robust integration capabilities, ensuring seamless connectivity and compatibility with the latest technologies.

Upgrades and Maintenance are Costly

The DNN commercial product suite (Evoq) is now owned by a private equity firm whose business model is focused maximizing their return on investment by providing minimal support services while at the same time increasing license fees on an annual basis. Maintaining a commercial installation of DNN, especially in terms of upgrades and maintenance, can be very expensive. Strategic migration allows you to optimize your budget by choosing a platform that offers efficient and cost-effective maintenance options.

Limited Community and Support

Over the years, DNN has experienced a gradual decline in its stakeholder community, including users, vendors, consultants, hosting providers, and open-source contributors. Moving to a platform with a more dynamic and active community provides better support, resources, and a collaborative environment for solving problems and sharing ideas.

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Our Migration Approach

Our unique approach is designed to make your transition from DotNetNuke to a modern platform not only smooth but also strategically effective.

Boutique Approach

Our main goal is to create a unique migration path tailored to a client's specific requirements. We understand that your project is special, and a one-size-fits-all solution will not be enough.

Our methodology provides a personalized approach and a strategic partnership, prioritizing quality over quantity. The migration process becomes a customized experience designed to enhance your project's strengths.

Comprehensive Assessment

We conduct an in-depth analysis of your existing DNN infrastructure before starting the migration. Our experts carefully examine key functionalities, content structure, and dependencies.

This thorough assessment is the cornerstone for creating a customized migration plan tailored to your business We delve into the details, identify potential bottlenecks, and provide a comprehensive migration strategy.

Tailored Migration Plan

There are no standard solutions, especially in migration plans. We create a customized roadmap that meets the goals and objectives of your website.

This ensures a smooth transition to the chosen modern platform, considering specific needs, reducing risks, and optimizing the migration process. Your website doesn't just move; it strategically evolves, keeping what works and improving what needs to be improved.

Expertise and Professional Consulting

Migration from DNN is a complex process, so it requires experience and guidance. Our team consists of experienced experts led by the original creator of DNN – Shaun Walker. We are well-versed in the nuances of web development and migration strategies.

In addition to a seamless transition, we offer professional guidance and advice throughout the process. You can get ideas, recommendations, and solutions to turn your migration into a strategic outcome.

Our Expertise

Microsoft Tech Stack

Our team is fluent in a wide range of Microsoft tools and technologies, from legacy systems to cutting-edge frameworks.

Certified Professionals

Our certified professionals are dedicated to ensuring a successful migration. And with our founder, Shaun Walker, we have a leadership position in frameworks like Oqtane, Blazor, and .NET MAUI.

Diverse Industries

We have hands-on experience across various industries, from high-tech startups to Fortune 500 companies.

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The Migration Process

Step 1. Assessment and Planning

Here, we comprehensively assess the existing DNN website to identify key functionalities, content, and dependencies. We document current functionalities and third-party modules and define potential challenges and risks.

Step 2. Choosing a Modern Platform

This step is all about selecting a modern alternative based on your system's specific needs and goals. We consider all factors, including ease of use, scalability, and available features.

Step 3. Data Migration

This is where the transfer of content, media, and data from DNN to the selected platform happens. We convert data into a format compatible with the new solution.

Step 4. Design

Here, we recreate or adapt the existing design elements or create a totally new design to ensure consistency in branding and visual identity.

Step 5. Functionality Integration

At this stage, we implement and configure functionalities required on the new platform to provide you with all the needed features.

Step 6. Testing

We provide thorough testing to identify and resolve any issues: functionality testing for all components, testing website responsiveness across devices, addressing and fixing any bugs or discrepancies.

Step 7. User Training and Documentation

It is essential to prepare users for any changes and show them all the new platform's capabilities. So, we provide training to adapt them to the new solution. We also ensure ongoing support.

Step 8. Launch and Monitoring

Finally, we officially launch the new website. But this is not the end of our collaboration. We monitor the website performance, collect user feedback, and detect any potential issues, addressing post-launch adjustments and improvements.


  • Websites using DNN may consider migration if they face challenges such as security vulnerabilities, outdated features, limited flexibility, or performance concerns. Our comprehensive assessment will help you determine your website's suitability for migration and provide customized recommendations.

  • The migration process's duration varies based on your website's complexity and specific requirements. We conduct a thorough assessment to provide a detailed timeline tailored to your migration needs.

  • We suggest you consider Oqtane, an open-source and cross-platform CMS and application framework for building modern digital experiences on .NET. However, we will also be happy to offer other options – it is always good to have a choice.

  • Yes, you can. The migration process includes the integration of functionality on the new platform. We work closely with you to implement and customize functionality tailored to your specific requirements.

  • Yes, preserving the visual identity of your website is possible during migration. We work to recreate or adapt existing design elements, ensuring consistency in branding and visual identity.

  • We happily offer ongoing support and training to help you adapt to the new platform. Our commitment goes beyond the migration process, ensuring you have the resources and guidance you need for long-term success.

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