What is Oqtane?

Oqtane is an open-source CMS and application framework designed to simplify the development of modern, interactive websites and web applications. It provides developers with a flexible and modular platform for easily building dynamic web solutions.

Architected from the ground up using modern Microsoft technology such as .NET Core, Blazor, and .NET MAUI, Oqtane provides a solid foundation for the future. The framework offers features such as responsive design, customizable themes, and a user-friendly interface, making it perfect for creating engaging online experiences. With its emphasis on flexibility, scalability, and security, Oqtane empowers users to create robust web applications tailored to their specific business needs and requirements.

Whether you are building a simple blog or a complex enterprise application, Oqtane provides the tools and capabilities to bring your vision to life.

Our Oqtane Consulting Services

When it comes to Oqtane, we offer a comprehensive suite of services designed to meet all of your development needs. Here's a closer look at what we provide:

Custom Oqtane Development

We offer professional software development services based on Oqtane, alllowing you to rapidly create web applications and websites according to your specific requirements. Whether you need a complete online solution, a custom module, a unique theme, or a specialized feature, our team of experts can help you achieve your goals. Custom development ensures that your application not only meets your current needs but is also scalable for future growth. We will be happy to assist you.

Oqtane Integration

Integrating Oqtane with your existing systems streamlines your operations and enhances functionality. Our integration services ensure that Oqtane works seamlessly with your other platforms, whether it is a CRM, ERP, or any other system. We handle technical complexities so you can enjoy a unified and efficient workflow.

Oqtane Migration

Migrating to Oqtane from another platform? Our migration services are designed to be smooth and hassle-free. We handle data transfer, system setup, and even training your team to use the new system efficiently. With our migration services, you can transition to Oqtane without disrupting your business operations.

Support and Maintenance

Once you migrate, we will be happy to provide you with ongoing support and assistance. From troubleshooting and implementing updates and upgrades to optimizing workflows, we are here to support your journey with Oqtane every step of the way.

Our Boutique Approach

What sets us apart from other consulting firms is our boutique approach. We focus on providing personalized service to ensure that each client receives the attention and solutions they deserve. We understand that each project is unique and treat it as such. We are dedicated to truly understanding your business, goals, and audience and providing individual consulting services tailored to your needs.

Transparent communication

From project milestones to potential challenges, we believe in open and honest communication every step of the way. This is key to a successful partnership. We prioritize transparency, keeping you informed and involved throughout the development process.

Personalized service

We believe in building strong relationships with our clients. Being attentive to your unique needs and goals, we can tailor our solutions specifically to your business. This personalized approach means you are not just another client; you are our partner.

Agile methodology

We use agile software development methodologies to ensure our projects are delivered on time and within budget. This approach provides flexibility and adaptability. It also guarantees that the final product is exactly what you need.

We can respond quickly to any changes or new requirements that may arise during the development process. We are open to any suggestions and are able to adapt without compromising the final result.

Continuous improvement

The Devessence team is dedicated to continuous improvement. We are always seeking ways to refine our processes and enhance our services.

Your feedback is invaluable to us, and we use it to drive innovation and deliver even better results with each project.

Comprehensive support

A distinct advantage of the boutique approach is that you can count on our full attention and commitment. We dedicate time and resources to ensure all of your needs, challenges, and requirements are fulfilled.

Our support does not end after a project is completed. We offer comprehensive support services to keep your website or application running efficiently and smoothly after launch. Whether you need technical support or guidance on getting the most out of your Oqtane-based platform, we are here to help.

Our Oqtane Expertise


Our founder, Shaun Walker, is the original creator and maintainer of the Oqtane framework. He is an open source pioneer and has been developing application frameworks for the Microsoft ecosystem for over 30 years.

Microsoft Tech Stack

Our team is fluent in a wide variety of Microsoft tools and technologies, from legacy systems to cutting-edge frameworks.

Certified Professionals

Our certified professionals are experts who can help you get the most benefit and value from the Oqtane platform.

Diverse Industries

We have hands-on experience across various industries, from high-tech startups to Fortune 500 companies.

Have questions or need personalized assistance? We are happy to discuss your unique migration needs and offer customized solutions

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Why Choose Oqtane?


Oqtane is based on modern Microsoft technology such as .NET Core, Blazor, and .NET MAUI which ensures it will continue to be supported and enhanced for many years to come.

Flexible and scalable

Oqtane helps your platform to grow alongside your business, accommodating increased traffic, data, and functionality without compromising performance.


Simplify deployment of applications and web sites and get the most value from your infrastructure investments.


Develop and deploy on Windows, Linux, and Mac. Run your application in a web browser or as a desktop or mobile application.

User-friendly interface

Oqtane offers an intuitive interface that allows users of all skill levels to effortlessly navigate and manage content.

Responsive design

Oqtane ensures that your web platform looks and functions flawlessly across all devices and screen sizes, whether it's a desktop, tablet, or smartphone.

Extensive customization option

No two businesses are alike, and neither are their digital platforms. From themes and templates to modules and extensions, Oqtane offers many customization options to tailor the platform to unique specifications and branding requirements.

Seamless integration

Integration shouldn't be a headache, and with Oqtane, it is not. Seamlessly integrate Oqtane with your existing systems, whether it is a CRM, ERP, or any other third-party application.


Interact with the framework in your native language.


Benefit from a world-wide community of software developers collaborating on a widely adopted open-source software project.

Continuous support and updates

You can benefit from continuous support and updates. Be sure that your Oqtane platform remains optimized, up-to-date, and equipped with the latest features, enhancements, and security patches.


  • Migrating to Oqtane involves several steps, including data transfer, system setup, and training. Our migration services are designed to make this process as smooth as possible.

    We will handle all the technical details. We will also provide training to ensure your team is comfortable with the new platform.

  • Oqtane offers a range of features that can significantly enhance the user experience. Its modular design allows you to add and customize functionality to meet the needs of the user.

    With Oqtane, you can create responsive, interactive web applications that provide a seamless user experience. Its flexibility means quickly adapting to changing user demands and keeping your website up to date with the latest features.

  • Getting started with our Oqtane consulting services is easy. Simply reach out to us to discuss your project requirements.

    We will work with you to understand your needs and goals and then develop a customized plan to achieve them. Whether you need custom development, integration, migration, or ongoing support, we are here to help.

  • Yes, Oqtane is designed to be highly extensible. You can extend its functionality by developing custom modules, themes, and components tailored to your specific requirements. Additionally, Oqtane supports integration with third-party libraries and services, allowing you to incorporate additional features seamlessly into your applications.

  • Oqtane is built with scalability in mind, allowing your web applications to grow alongside your business. Oqtane's modular architecture enables you to add or remove components dynamically, ensuring your applications can handle increased traffic, data, and functionality without compromising performance.

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