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Two popular Microsoft technologies for building mobile, desktop, and web applications are Blazor and .NET MAUI. They stand at the crossroads of functionality and innovation, letting us deliver solutions that propel your projects forward. Be it web development with Blazor or .NET MAUI for desktop or mobile apps; our consulting services aim to guide you every step of the way, ensuring that your apps exceed all expectations.

Blazor Application Development

Blazor allows the creation of dynamic, scalable, and interactive web applications that take your web presence to a whole new level. Applications are built to seamlessly blend Blazor’s server-side functionality with client-side interactivity, improving your competitiveness in the market. Benefit from bespoke apps with everything from custom components to complex data binding, helping you drastically improve your customer experience. No matter how challenging and creative your idea is, we’ll make it a reality.

.NET MAUI Mobile and Desktop Solutions

Going digital these days is necessary to grow your business and reach a wider audience. With .NET MAUI solutions, you can benefit from cross-platform capabilities, impressive performance, and a flawless user experience. Our development team will guide and support you from concept creation to deployment and post-launch support, becoming your life-long development partner. We will ensure your .NET MAUI app drives engagement and takes your business forward.

Cross-Platform Integration

It’s time to unify your digital ecosystem with cross-platform integration services. Say goodbye to barriers and inconsistency; with Blazor and .NET MAUI, it is possible to build high-quality cross platform applications that are cohesive and consistent. Devessence helps you bridge the gap between web, desktop, and mobile environments by building apps from scratch or integrating existing systems. Delivering a consistent user experience across platforms has never been easier.

Performance Optimization

How do you ensure that your app stands out among thousands of other applications on the web? One of the ways is to optimize its performance. In the modern competitive market, app performance should be nothing less than pitch-perfect. Our performance optimization services are aimed at fine-tuning every aspect of your app, ensuring it operates at peak efficiency across platforms.

Our Blazor & .NET MAUI Expertise

It’s time to empower all your digital goals and ambitions with Devessence’s proficiency in Blazor & .NET MAUI. Our talented team is pioneering the use of these innovative UI development frameworks from Microsoft to help you build highly interactive web UI. Here are some reasons why you should choose Devessence as your development partner:

Certified Development Team

Devessence was founded by Shaun Walker, a technical leader with .NET and a 15X Microsoft MVP. Shaun has gathered some of the top talent in the industry, the most skilled and experienced software engineers ready to take on any challenge. Our experts are dedicated to realizing your visions, guiding you through the development process, and supporting you every step of the way. With our expertise, you can transform your ideas into polished, high-performance solutions.

Cross-Platform Prowess

Versatile, cohesive, and consistent are three words that describe the Blazor and .NET MAUI apps we build. .NET apps will run smoothly on web browsers, desktops, and mobile devices, delivering top performance and a flawless user experience. Our cross-platform prowess allows us to maximize reach without compromising quality.

Continuous Integration

We are committed to continuous integration practices to help you stay ahead of the curve. With our streamlined development workflows, we ensure seamless collaboration, timely delivery of all updates, and swift iteration. Your Blazor & .NET MAUI apps will be incredibly reliable and high-integrity thanks to our automated testing and deployment pipelines, allowing you to focus on core tasks and innovation while we handle the rest.

Transform your application development with Blazor and .NET MAUI Consulting Services. Contact Devessence now, and our experienced team will guide you through the process and help bring your vision to life.

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  • Blazor Overview

    Blazor is a Microsoft framework that allows building interactive web applications. .NET allows developers to use familiar languages, tools, and libraries to create client-side web applications.

    Blazor Hosting Models

    Blazor has three main interactive hosting models: client-side, server-side, and static rendering. 

    The client-side model assumes an app is being executed in the browser using WebAssembly. Developers can run C# code directly in the browser without using plugins or additional runtimes. The app is downloaded to the client’s browser and runs natively.

    With server-side Blazor, the app runs on the server. The client receives the UI updates over a SignalR web socket connection. With this hosting model, the amount of code sent to the client is smaller, allowing the server resources to be used more effectively.

    The new static rendering model is called “Blazor WebAssembly prerendering.” It allows Blazor applications to be pre-rendered on the server and then sent to the client’s side. Thus, a fully rendered page is sent to the user, improving perceived performance. This model also provides cheaper and a more scalable hosting as it doesn’t require an ongoing connection between the browser and the server.

    Blazor Components and Razor Syntax

    Blazor uses a component-based architecture - all UI elements are grouped into reusable components. It makes building user interfaces easier as all components are ready for use. These UI components are written with Razor syntax, consisting of HTML markup and C# code.

    Blazor Integration with .NET Ecosystem

    Blazor seamlessly integrates with  .NET, allowing developers to use existing .NET libraries, frameworks, and tools to build Blazor apps. Integration with .NET lets developers reuse code, improving productivity and access to a vast ecosystem of third-party libraries and products.

    .NET MAUI Overview

    .NET MAUI is the evolution of Xamarin.Forms, a framework for building cross platform applications. .NET MAUI ntroduces new features to simplify and accelerate cross-platform development.

    .NET MAUI Cross-Platform Development

    With .NET MAUI, it is possible to write code once and deploy it across different platforms, such as iOS, Android, macOS, and Windows. It provides a single project structure and unified API surface, making it easier for developers to create consistent user experiences across different devices and platforms by building cross platform applications.

    .NET MAUI Native UI Controls

    .NET MAUI provides developers access to native UI controls and features on every platform. Thus, developers can build apps that look and feel like native applications while being cross-platform. Tailoring each app’s UI to a specific platform’s design guidelines is also possible.

    .NET MAUI Integration with .NET ecosystem 

    Just like Blazor, .NET MAUI integrates seamlessly with the .NET ecosystem. It allows developers to use existing .NET libraries and tools, reuse code, and develop cross-platform apps faster and more efficiently.

  • Yes! Devessence can help you migrate your existing apps to Blazor and .NET MAUI.

    Migrating to Blazor

    First, we assess your web app’s compatibility with Blazor. We plan your migration strategy considering the scope of migration, timeline, and resource allocation. We begin rewriting UI components using Blazor’s component-based architecture and Razor syntax. We also use third party components to improve the app’s functionality by integrating existing tools and libraries. Finally, we test and debug the app to ensure the migrated app’s functionality has optimal performance across different browsers and devices.

    Migrating to .NET MAUI

    First, we determine the app’s compatibility with .NET MAUI and determine the target platforms, such as mobile, desktop, or both. After developing a migration plan, we move on to refactoring UI components and logic, adopting the MVVP pattern to separate concerns and facilitate cross-platform development. Next, we integrate .NET components, test the app across multiple platforms, and optimize the app’s responsiveness. Finally, we deploy the app and provide post-launch maintenance and support.

  • Both Blazor and .NET MAUI are suitable for small businesses. Blazor helps reduce costs by using existing .NET libraries and tools, enables quick development with C# and .NET technologies, and enhances productivity. Moreover, it offers scalability options that are a must for a growing business. .NET MAUI facilitates cross-platform development, so small businesses can build mobile and desktop apps using a single .NET codebase.

  • 1. Define your requirements

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    3. Contact the companies and discuss your project with them

    4. Evaluate the proposals, considering cost, timeline, and approach

    5. Choose the consultant that fits your requirements

    6. Start the project by aligning on the roles and responsibilities

    7. Collaborate with the partner and openly communicate

    8. Monitor progress

    9. Test and deploy

    10. Discuss post-launch support

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