Online event: "Extreme Makeover: DNN Edition"


By: Devessence Inc

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DNN is a Content Management System (CMS) which was initially released in late 2002. Over the past 20 years it has been a popular solution for organizations of all sizes, from SMB to the Enterprise, to create powerful websites and web applications. One of its strengths was its extensibility model which allowed developers to add custom functionality which made it adaptable to any industry or business requirement. In addition, its multi-tenancy capability provided seamless scalability to maximize usage of infrastructure resources and minimize cost. These core capabilities were the catalyst for a large international ecosystem of consultants and ISVs who were focused on providing value added services and products for the platform.

From a digital product perspective, 2 decades is an incredibly long time for a solution to remain competitive and relevant. So it should be no surprise that DNN is starting to show its age. Despite its vast set of product features, the DNN platform has remained firmly entrenched in legacy Microsoft technologies such as .NET Framework and ASP.NET Web Forms. And although Microsoft has pledged to continue support of these technologies for many more years, they are officially in maintenance mode and are not part of Microsoft’s future technology roadmap. In addition, DNN Corp, the official steward and financial backer of DNN was acquired in 2018 by ESW Capital, a private equity firm that specializes in consolidating, monetizing, and mothballing legacy software products. The result has been an ecosystem which has been in a steady decline every since.

So if you are still using DNN for a mission critical website or web application, what options do you have for the future? Should you consider your investment a sunk cost at this point and embark on a full-scale rebuild? Luckily, there is a migration option to consider. The Oqtane Framework was initially created in 2018 and was built from the ground-up using modern Microsoft technologies. From a feature perspective it contains all of the same capabilities which made DNN successful, including multi-tenancy and extensibility. But even more important is the fact that data is structured in a similar format, enabling a seamless content migration.

In this presentation we will explore the current state of DNN as well as opportunities for modernization. Please join us for this private event (registration required).

May 29, 2024, 12 PM EST
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