Introducing Devessence


By: Devessence Inc

We are very happy to introduce Devessence, a professional software consultancy with its corporate headquarters in Florida, USA. Devessence is a global consortium with a unique value proposition and philosophy. We believe that successful outcomes are only possible with a complete understanding of a client's business goals, combined with expert software craftsmanship and a pragmatic governance model. This is the reason why we describe Devessence as "a global consultancy with a boutique approach".

Taking a high level view of the current IT consulting industry, we recognize that the leading global IT services firms are influential in terms of their breadth, scale, and market penetration. They dominate the landscape and tend to focus their efforts on enterprise IT initiatives and thought leadership... as well as growing headcount and increasing profit margins. This makes perfect sense as these firms are ultimately beholden to their shareholders who expect strong and predictable financial results. However, if you take a step back and focus on the core purpose of IT consulting, it is intended for advising organizations on how to best use information technology for achieving their business objectives. It is a well-accepted fact that attempting to focus on multiple competing business goals at the same time is a challenge, so you can understand why the market leaders are not always motivated to deliver optimal results for their clients.

In contrast, boutique consulting firms are smaller organizations that provide specialized IT consulting services to a smaller clientele. They tend to be extremely client focused, and act more as trusted partners and advisors than third party vendors. In addition, due to their lower overhead structure, they are often more affordable than the industry leaders, and have much deeper expertise in specific business domains or types of technology. A narrower scope allows them to focus more attention on specific projects and complete them in a shorter time frame with higher quality. And just because they are smaller does not mean that they are unable to scale... they can leverage talent worldwide to provide their clients with the benefits of a global workforce. In fact this is the epitome of "a global consultancy with a boutique approach" and is a direct reflection of the Devessence philosophy.

It is important to note that the global market related to IT consulting is changing. Clients have become more demanding, pushing for more predictable IT spend with greater transparency on costs. They expect more value, a higher quality of work, and faster delivery of their digital solutions. At the same time, they are applying more scrutiny and asking for greater visibility and accountability in the work delivered. Delivering a software project itself is not an issue – the challenge is doing so faster, more efficiently and on tighter budgets, while continuing to be flexible to the dynamic priorities of the business. Due to their more agile nature, boutique firms such as Devessence have a distinct advantage over their larger counterparts in terms of adapting to these changing market conditions.

Devessence's main area of expertise is custom software development - primarily focused on the Microsoft technology stack. Software development refers to the set of activities related to the process of creating, designing, deploying and supporting software. The complexity of building modern software has increased exponentially over time, largely due to constantly changing approaches in technology and methodology. Sometimes it feels like the industry has become so focused on chasing the next killer app or idea, that it has forgotten the fundamentals of software development. Devessence feels very strongly about getting back to the basics and has emphasized this through its brand identity - "the essence of software development".

Devessence is highly experienced at implementing large-scale enterprise solutions on the Microsoft platform, and is also the official integration partner for Oqtane - a modular, multi-tenant solution for accelerating the development of modern digital experiences. Devessence actively contributes to the Oqtane open source project, leveraging many of the latest Microsoft technologies such as .NET Core, Blazor, and .NET MAUI. Devessence is able to save clients significant time and money by leveraging Oqtane as an accelerator for developing custom applications that can be targeted at all platforms and devices.

If you are looking for a strategic partner with a global footprint, a breadth of industry experience, and a genuine passion and desire to help clients execute on their digital business objectives, please contact us.

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